Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're not talking Bozo the Clown!

We're talking..."Killer Klowns from Outer Space!"  A 1988 b-rated, comedy/horror film featuring clown-faced aliens who arrive on Earth via a "Big Top" spaceship.  Their harvest people for food by shooting them with popcorn guns and cocooning them inside cotton candy!

Costume by Mike Hale

Today's Hale-oween costume is definitely one of Mike Hale's scariest! Inspired by this cult film his creation started out with canvas, latex, acrylics and a vivid imagination.

Costume by Mike Hale

The eyes illuminate and move manually. As for the teeth, they are carved out of wood and the jaw moves up and down creating a very frightening effect! (Be sure to click on each photo for an enlarged image.)

Costume by Mike Hale

Dressed from hat to clown shoe, the costume measures at least 8 feet tall. Mike Hale's field of vision is actually through the mouth...between chomping of the blood stained teeth.

"Get your souvenirs!"
"Popcorn...cotton candy here!"


Leann said...

Mike Hale - I'd like to just take one little peek inside your brain to see how your mind works. First the idea, then how to bring the idea to life.You should be behind the scene of movies!

Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

That is really a nice creation. Well done and who does all the sewing? Do you ever use or try stuffed panty hose? My kids, when they were all at home and a lot younger, used them to make some of the wildest portraits of people I ever saw.

Mike Hale & Co. said...

Thanks again for stopping by and the great compliments. I do all the sewing using fishing line and upholstery needles. I've used panty hose for years...Elephant man was actually constructed out of such, as well as carpet padding and fiber-fill. Every costume is always an exploratory piece.