Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat In or TwEAT Out!

Fly on in and pull up a perch!
Today's Sunrise Special
Mealy Worms Over Easy
comes with a...
Side of Suet, Sunflower Seeds & Home Flies
EAT in or TwEAT out!

Another fun American icon to celebrate is the fabulous Diner! Inspired by these stainless steel clad beauties, Mike Hale handcrafts diner-esque, one of a kind birdhouses with our hungry feathered friends in mind! What a great gift idea for the bird enthusiast! ~ Co.
Check please!

Diner Birdhouse © 2009 by MIKE HALE

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Migrate in Style with an Airstream Birdhouse!

Equipped with all the amenities of home, your feathered friends will migrate in style in their very own Airstream birdhouse. A luxury hotel on wheels and a welcome change for those weary wings!

Mike Hale's original Airstream birdhouses are a fun way to celebrate the iconic legend of the Airstream. The attention to detail is what gives these beauties such unique character! From bubble windows to TV antennae, spare tires and signature wings...even the metal body has faux rivets! ~ & Co.

Birdhouse ©2009 By MIKE HALE