Thursday, October 1, 2009

MS 150 City to Shore ~ October 3 & 4, 2009

This weekend the 29th Annual MS 150 City to Shore bike ride takes place!  We want to give a shout out to team MARK'S TSUNAMI RIDERS, especially BETTY STEWART and LORRIE ROBERTS! You have touched our hearts! This devastating disease has brought us together and because of your time, support, strength and dedication we are going to find a cure for MS!

Please take a moment to watch Betty Stewart on CBS 3, click here... Betty's interview on CBS 3.

MS Bike Ride participants are given the opportunity to become Pedal Partners and then connected with an individual affected by MS. Mike Hale is honored to have Lorrie Roberts as his Pedal Partner, and every year he customizes her bandanna with a painting. At this year's "Meet the Riders" party, Lorrie displayed her framed bandannas from previous years and with a round of applause proudly unveiled this year's work of art!

©2009 By Mike Hale 

©2009 By Mike Hale  

©2008 By Mike Hale  


©2008 By Mike Hale 

Again, to find out more about MARK'S TSUNAMI RIDERS and make a donation please click here... Mark's Tsunami Riders.

To everyone who shares in this fight!
Words alone cannot express our sincere gratitude!


Leann said...

These are awesome. I love how vibrant they are.

When I clicked on the Mark's Tsunami Riders link it didn't work.

Saw that you just posted a comment at The Old Parsonage - shouldn't you be in bed?

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I enjoyed the post and also watched the video. Neat package. I hope the bike ride is a success and the weather is decent.