Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome home Honeymooners!

Recently we celebrated the marriage of two incredible people! As we all know, weddings are a special event, but the time and energy it takes to pull it all together is staggering! So when the bride asked Mike Hale to create a painting especially for the groom, he couldn't pass up the "request of honor". It seems the groom has a passion for Ferrari's, but a car wasn't covered in the wedding budget. A-ha! Why not improvise? A painting of a Ferrari...Mike Hale style! After tracking down the official red paint, Mike Hale went to work incorporating an iridescent Ferrari logo (left side) that visibly changes colors from different viewing directions, and imitated a speeding Ferrari using the official paint!

©2009 by Mike Hale

Being that marriage is a union of two people, we decided to surprise them both with a second painting representing the bride! Marci's love for Fleur-de-lis was a must on her painting. Like John's, this too was painted in iridescence to add a watermark effect and create visual interest from different angles.

Because Marci and John both share a passion for nature, the two paintings were united together using a single motif. Leaf images (collected from Aunt Nette and Uncle Terry's house) were embossed into foil and placed across the top of both paintings.

©2009 by Mike Hale

Like the wedding bands that now bond them as husband and wife, the paintings represent a coming together of two individuals. Here's to you Marci and John! Here's to a lifetime of love, health and happiness!
©2009 by Mike Hale

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Chuck said...

Mike, this is beautiful!