Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sideshow Art

Prepare to be SHOCKED and AMAZED
at the sights you are about to see!

Throughout the years Sideshows have been a favorite of all ages, and during the mid 1800's to mid 1900's they played an integral part in most circuses and fairs. For those daring enough to step inside the tent, unimaginable sights and chilling feats were sure to unnerve even the strongest of will. Sword-Swallowers, Contortionists and Human Pincushions were just a few of the oddities hidden behind the canvas walls.

Mike Hale's recent collection of Sideshow paintings is a tribute to the bizarre acts and grand banners that lured in curious onlookers. Below are just a few of the pieces that are currently on display at Sweet Mabel in Narberth, PA. Be sure to stop by for a visit and you too will be SHOCKED and AMAZED!!! ~ Co.

All Paintings: ©2009 By Mike Hale

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Personalized Artwork is the Perfect Gift!

In need of a perfect gift for someone special?

Personalized artwork is the answer!

©2009 by Mike Hale

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenging task, and when our dear friends found themselves in such a predicament Mike Hale came to the rescue! With a bit of insider information in mind, Mike Hale set out to create a unique, personalized, abstract painting for the special Birthday Girl! Being a math major, the incorporation of math equations for this 12" x 12" x 2.5" painting was a must. Her interest in architecture, and favorite color purple also played a part in the composition. The icing on the cake...gold leaf, foil and a bit of texture! What a great way to celebrate! We hope you love it Sarah!
Happy Birthday to You! ~ & Co.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

UFO Sighting!

UFO sightings over Gilbertsville!
Reports of little green men jam area phone lines!

This out-of-this-world painting is part of a series Mike Hale dedicated to our star-bound neighbors! Made of acrylic, metallic foil, a sprinkle of space dust and a spattering of extra-terrestrial goo, it will surely make you ponder that age-old question...are we truly alone?

© 2009 Mike Hale

The first in the series is "Space Girl" - (15.5" x 13"), complete with polka dot dress, 5 legs, and a cheesy smile! (Hmmm...maybe the moon really IS made of cheese!) ~ & Co.

© 2009 Mike Hale

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Out of wrapping paper?!? What to do...what to do... A-ha! Grab that stack of magazines that's been toppling over every time you walk by and snip away! It's a great way to personalize a gift and be green at the same time!

The birthday boy was so impressed with the wrap job...I could of just given him the box! - & Co.