Monday, August 24, 2009

The Birthday Girl Turns.....

What do you give your very best "Friday Night Friend" who is celebrating a milestone birthday? An original Mike Hale painting of course! Being an artist herself, as well as a collector and gallery owner of Sweet Mabel Folk Art and Fine Craft, we knew she would love this! A birthday of this caliber called for much more than just the "usual" whimsical piece, it needed to be something extra special, something that would knock the curl out of her hair!

Friday Night Friends © 2009 By Mike Hale

Detail © 2009 By Mike Hale

Detail © 2009 By Mike Hale

We've shared so many great times over the years and usher in almost every weekend together! Friendships like this are truly an incredible thing! Here's to another 50 years of great beer, great wine, lots of laughs, and dancing and singing to vintage vinyls spinning on the hi-fi!!

Love you!

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Leann said...

I'm sure that she absolutely loved the painting!! You're friendship always sounds like so much fun!