Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat In or TwEAT Out!

Fly on in and pull up a perch!
Today's Sunrise Special
Mealy Worms Over Easy
comes with a...
Side of Suet, Sunflower Seeds & Home Flies
EAT in or TwEAT out!

Another fun American icon to celebrate is the fabulous Diner! Inspired by these stainless steel clad beauties, Mike Hale handcrafts diner-esque, one of a kind birdhouses with our hungry feathered friends in mind! What a great gift idea for the bird enthusiast! ~ Co.
Check please!

Diner Birdhouse © 2009 by MIKE HALE


Jennifer Baro said...

You've got to send these to "Birds and Blooms" magazine! Free publicity. They are extraordinary!!

Leann said...

What another great birdhouse, and I love the cows and cars too. Great art direction on the photos!!

See you soon, but not too soon:)

Anonymous said...

I got a blog post somewhere I need to post. It goes with your hula hoop suggestion. LOL

The bird house is neat. Send them to Birds and Bloom.